Conventional transport

Conventional transport : import/ export logistics organization is provided as per conditions stipulated in the sales contract, from taking over the cargo in the loading location indicated by the seller/exporter or buyer/importer, on the most efficient possible mean of transportation ( road ,rail, sea or river) , until handing over the cargo in the contractual agreed location . The most efficient service providers are ensured along the entire logistical chain, ensuring the client signs direct/indirect performance contracts as advantageous as possible, obtaining advantageous transport documents according to contracts. During the entire operation the client is protected from additional expenses or any losses due to various disputes/litigations that may arise from diverse reasons.

We provide professional supervising through all stages of the export/import flux operations, respectively taking over the cargo from/on various means of intermodal transport, storage/loading/unloading/expedition/cargo inspection

Supervising all documents regarding the delivery, providing as much evidential documents (including photo/video) in case of various disputes/litigations/damages, insurance claims,etc.